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,, a new step ,,

A new step in my life has just begun. My practical work at PT. Aneka Tambang (ANTAM) was just over. All I need to do now is playing game just wrap it out and make an incredible final report (lebay). I think it's going to be lil' bit tough, cause those silly Geophysicist and Gigologist Geologist had asked me to finish the report for 1 week only ~ wtf. Hell no. It's ridiculous!
It's very nice to comeback in Jogja. Notwithstanding now I miss Jambi (Sako Merah & those great experiences).
malnutrition, dirty, and smelly boy ~ didn't eat vegetable for 1.5 months ! :(
(teteup ekssseeeeeeees)
Hey, I just saw my girl, Christina Aguilera sang It's A Man's World, a song tribute to (departed) James Brown at Youtube. Wow, you rock girl! She sang absolutely fabulous. Soulful song.
Ok, tomorrow is my first day on my new semester (after skipping class for a month).