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Taiwan's East Coast Road Trip

I have been living abroad for 8 years in total. While in Taiwan I've stayed for 1.5 yrs now. Among different trip modes in different country, I always love road trip the most. It is my favorite way to explore a new destination. With the flexibility of the open road, the adaptability to go where you need, when you need, and the opportunity to unearth towns and encounters not unlisted places in any manual trip books - well, what's not to love?

Unlike western coast of Taiwan which I have been to (or at least have passed by) 70% of it, the eastern coast of Taiwan remains mystery to me. Never reach out farther than Hualien city. So that's why when my friend asked me for Taiwan's east coast road trip, I was like fuck yeah I am in.

DAY 1 We begun our trip on Jan 18 (Sunday) leaving in late afternoon from Zhongli city, Taoyuan county. The weather was a bit shady as opposed to the previously crystal clear sky morning early that day. For this trip I decided to pack garments les…