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Top Ten Favorite Youtube Vids

Here are some of my favorite youtube videos, period. Since I am not picky on any type of videos, I might ended up with pretty diverse choices. I love dance, I love music, I love sports, I love movies, I love traveling, etc !

10. 7 Billion : Are You Typical ? -- National Geographic Magazine

I've always been a huge fan of National Geographic Magz. I even subscribed their monthly Indonesian magz back when I was undergrad. They always pictured the best representation of diversity, culture, life.

9. The ShamWOOHOO! -- NigaHiga

This guy is freakin' hilarious. One of his trademark is his fast talking like radio adds. Not to mention that his 'shamwoohoo' accent and expression is just awesome.

8. Kids React to Rebecca Black - Friday

Thefinebros' channel is definitely one of my fav youtube channel. I think they really understood and lived on the definition of 'online entertainment'. One of my fav is 'Kids React'. Every sunday morning they uploaded new video with different topic / person / video to be commented and judged by kids.

7. Mariah Carey - Fantasy (Madison S Garden 1995)

I am definitely one of her crazy billion fans. However, her music and style back in mid 90's was the best. She was the perfect example of 'girl next door'. Her song, Fantasy, is also my favorite summer theme song.

6. Beat Freaks Compilation

The Beat Freaks is an all- female dance crew from Los Angeles, California. Each of its nine members had achieved individual success dancing before the creation of the group in 2003. The Beat Freaks were featured on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew (Season 3) and finished the show as runners-up. One of the reason I idolized them so much because they are so dooooope !

5. Bon Qui Qui Flight Attendant

Anjelah Johnson is one of my fav comedian besides Chelsea Handler, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph and Adam Sandler. She is young, sweet, and had fresh humor. The first time I saw Bon Qui Qui was on Mad TV, I put lots of honour to this young lady. To be able to impersonate black lady with the annoying - slapstick attitude is not easy. I respect you girl !

4. Badinding Dance - International Day CSM 2009

It is my own video from my own youtube channel. My friends and I performed at International Day, 11 Nov 2009 at Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, USA. Performers are mostly students of Colorado of Mines, with some addition from Indonesian community. Badinding dance is originally from Minangkabau, Sumatra. I am second from the left !

3. Green Day - American Idiot Live @ Grammys

I grew up with Green Day. The first song I listened on was 'Basket Case' from their third album 'Dookie' (1994). Since then I became addicted to this punk rock band. Their 'American Idiots' performance in Grammy 2005 selected as the second best all time Grammy performance behind Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On.

2. Resource Furniture: Italian-Designed Space Saving Furniture

Some people might raise their eyebrow of my next fav choice. But in my eyes, they are invented some of the coolest things in people's life. I would love to someday live in an apartment and have their furniture.

1. Evolution of Dance by Judson Laipply

I can't stop laughing once I watch this video! It's freakin' funny, yet Judson Laipply himself got some swag! Awesome !

What about yours ?


  1. chart e iki didasarkan apa mas??? banyaknya viewers.. apa mutune video,, atau berdasarkan yg paling mbok suka??? *protes soale ra ana suju :D

  2. hahahha, namanya jg favorite yo kui berdasar kesukaan tho yooo .. -_______-

    suju ki opo ? jeneng snack anyar yo ? ckck

  3. sing no 1 lucu... *ngakak guling2
    opo maneh yang bagian habis kungfu... hahaha
    sayang aku nonton e nang sic.. ra ana speaker e dadi videone bisu -_____-

  4. aku suka nigahiga pas jamannya masih sama sean dan videonya masih homemade gt :))

  5. liat judulnya ta kiro pasti no siji cristina. la jebule malah ra ono. wah ra ono selena gomez je, ra sido lanjut komen :(

  6. Video parody juga bagus... tpi Kids React lebih bagus...


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